I Miss Potty Training

When Ironflower became a toddler, I remember being constantly shocked at who my docile, sweet baby could become in the blink of an eye. It didn't take me long to realize that the only reason she had seemed so docile before was because she couldn't talk yet.

We've been arguing ever since she learned the word, "NO!"

But for the first time, we are having what could be called an ongoing argument. Every other disagreement we've had has been relatively short-lived. In fact, most of the time, once I've explained my reasoning, Ironflower has cheerfully accepted a loss.

But now I've had the audacity to sign her up for the local rec camp.

Not only that, but I've signed her up for the musical theater portion of it - that she's wanted to do for 3 years, but couldn't because of dance competitions.

Except, now, naturally, she doesn't want to do the theater portion. Or go to camp. She doesn't like the musical that's been chosen and swears her dear friend had a terrible time participating the summer before last. She doesn't like anyone else going to the camp (except for her dear friend. and this other girl who'll only be there for 1 session). She would prefer another camp (that's way out of our budget) or to stay home alone when I go to work (er. . . .not at 12, not for that many hours). The list of reasons she doesn't want to go is long and continually evolving.

For example, when I pointed out that if she wants to be able to work at this camp in 2 years ( ! ), she should attend first, she changed her mind about wanting to work there.

It has become clear my reasoning skills are not going to be effective in this battle.

I can still force her to go, obviously. Even if she keeps saying, "You said you'd never force us to do any activities we didn't want to." I never should have let her quit clarinet and dive team. And Irish dance. And swim team. And soccer.

I think we'd reach detente if I let her quit the theater portion, but I honestly think she'll learn a lot. And if she claims to like theater (which she does) and wants to do the spring musical (which she also does) then she needs to get over the fact that Madagascar the Musical is not cool. I don't know anyone who calls themselves a theater nerd who hasn't been in an uncool show (or two). I mean, she's said that she misses dancing competitively, but that she'd miss doing plays more if she went back to the company. So if theater is going to be her big hobby, why should I let her quit the summer musical?

 I truly think she would have fun. I truly think she could learn a lot. But if I force her and she goes in with a shitty attitude, that probably won't be good for anyone involved.

Can we go back to potty training? I was much better at potty training.

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