Oh, hey there. How are you?

I've been busy again.

Too busy to write, I mean. Last weekend, between deep cleaning the boys' room and reorganizing their closet and Lovebug's birthday party and seeing the local high school's production of Into the Woods (impressively good)  I did not really get around to writing much. And then I had to complete the program for the middle school musical.

I did the program for the fall play so I thought I knew what I was doing.

Of course, the fall play program doesn't have ads. This one has lots of ads, most of which were not in an easy format or created with the size of the program in mind.

 Despite the extensive information sent to all the students and parents detailing the expectations and showing examples from last year's program.

Another mom helped me with proof reading and finding a good printer

I just did a simple paper one for the fall play, which I was able to print for free at the school. This is apparently not good enough for the musical. 

but she had signed up thinking that she would be soliciting the ads from local businesses. So she knew even less about actually putting it together than I did. She offered to come over and help, but since I knew there would be a lot of cursing and ranting, I turned her down.

This is the wisest move I have made in weeks. 

But it's done! Yay!

Of course, I'm also trying to do this cute little lollipop sales thing, which we have never done before, but at least that I can do while I'm watching TV.

I really believe in helping at school as much as possible, but I'm not willing to fall behind on The Walking Dead to do so. I'm not a saint. 

We are selling Blow Pops with the little saying, 'You Blew Me Away!' and bunches of Sweet/Sour Pops

Those were the only bunches I could find pre-made -

with the little saying, 'Sweet Job!' to raise money for the arts association. I'm also tying ribbons on.

It sounds cute, but

And did I mention that I couldn't get the labels to print so I just started writing them? 

I suppose we could have put off the idea until next year, but I have enormous guilt because the fall play

which was my responsibility 

lost money this year. I think I've figured out why and I know what I can do to fix it next year, but the arts' foundation's budget can't exactly take hits. So when one of the teachers working on the musical suggested this idea, I jumped on it. 

As if in penance. Even though I'm not Catholic. 

But I forgot how incompetent I am in the craft department. I don't think the kids receiving the lollipops will care, if my own kids are any indication. But the people buying them might. Of course, those people are welcome to join the arts foundation next year and take the project over from me. 

I hope I can find the nerve to say that if anyone has the audacity to complain to me. I'm definitely doing that if anyone says anything negative about the program. 

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