I'd Love To Write For You

Blogging saved my sanity when I quit teaching elementary school to stay home with a 15 month old and a newborn. Eight years and 1 more kid later, I still love blogging. I've discovered my real passion, though, is writing in general. So while I do put some sponsored content and product reviews on this blog, (Product Review Post Review of Blogging Event Post Sponsored Post) most of my commercial content has been for other blogs and websites. My articles have appeared on eHow.com, GlobalPost, The Bump, USA Today Travel and Livestrong. My blog posts have appeared on Band Back Together, Jersey Moms Blog, You Won't Go Blind, I See Kissimmee and a bunch of other sites that I've since forgotten about. Here are a few examples:

How to Deal With Language Development in Early Childhood
Activities to Teach Literacy Comprehension to Preschoolers
Lidia Bastianich Restaurants in NYC

If you are interested in having me write anything for you, please email me at triplezmom at gmail.com.

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