Safely Dispose of Medicines

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Ever since Ironflower learned to crawl, we've kept our medicines in a high cabinet in the kitchen. Our birthing class instructor spent a lot of time talking about the dangers our kids could get into after they were born; it was both helpful and terrifying. But now that Ironflower is 9 and Lovebug is 8, they can reach the bottom of the cabinet without help and are perfectly capable of bringing a stool over to reach the upper parts of the cabinet.

Not that I think they might start shoving brightly colored pills into their mouths like a toddler might. But in a few years, they (or their friends) might start rummaging through my medicine cabinet for things like cough syrup and pain killers. I mean, I sure hope they won't, and of course I plan to talk about all the dangers of doing such things and how I'd much rather they rebel with a couple of beers.

Okay, I probably won't say that last part.

Anyway, wouldn't it be better if we just didn't have any leftover painkillers in the back of the cabinet for them to find?

But here's the problem with just getting rid of them. Throwing them away isn't a guarantee; people can still get into your trash. . . .and so can animals. And while I may not be a fan of the raccoons that attack my trash, I don't want any of them overdosing on my front lawn, either. Flushing them down the toilet can mean they get into the water supply, which breaks my environmentalist heart.

Enter the Pill Terminator.

Put your medicines in, add warm water, shake the bottle and throw it in the trash. It's super easy and safe.

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