Crafts for Lazy Parents: Toothpick Structures

I would love to take credit for this, but the truth is that I read about it somewhere. I just can't remember where. I also think I simplified it, because I can't believe they would publish anything so simple in a magazine. Anyway, Toothpick Structures are one of my favorite crafts to have my kids do.

My effort includes giving each kid a paper plate, opening the bags of marshmallows and giving each kid some toothpicks. Remembering to buy the marshmallows is probably the most challenging aspect of the craft.

The kids attach the toothpicks to the marshmallows to make structures.

This is my contribution.

As you can see, you can do much cooler things than cubes.

This was originally two different structures. 

Hugmonkey has been doing this activity since he was 3, but if your kids are the kind to put stuff up their noses or stab each other with toothpicks, you might want to wait until 5 or 6. Ironflower is 8 going on 18 and she still loves to make them. So if you need to entertain kids of many ages, this craft could work. I found it especially helpful on kindergarten play dates, it was a good way to get them to sit still and calm down for a little while.

I would suggest starting with small marshmallows and plain toothpicks. When they seem in danger of getting bored with the craft, then you can start buying marshmallows of different sizes and toothpicks of different colors.

Also, the marshmallows can double as a snack in a pinch. The only issue is storing the finished projects, which I've solved by sticking a few in a display case and taking photos of the rest.

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