I'm blogging like it's 2007.

Although I think the rest of this about page is circa 2010 or so.

Triplezmom is my second nom d'internet. Way back in 2007, when I first left the little internet writing forum I'd been on for the wilds of Blogspot,  I called myself "Jerseygirl89" because I didn't know anything about branding, Twitter handles or the fact that calling myself a "girl" after the age of 40 would feel icky. Also I was kinda homesick for Jersey.

I used to teach elementary school in a rough neighborhood in Kansas City, but now I'm back in my home state of New Jersey raising Ironflower (2004), Lovebug (2006) and Hugmonkey (2008). The neighborhood I live in with my husband Hot Guy and the kids is the complete opposite of where I used to teach, but pretty close to where I grew up.

When I'm not writing here, I write for education websites, create stuff for Teachers Pay Teachers and tutor.

I have been writing for ever, but it wasn't until I started editing other people's stuff that I had the nerve to put my own stuff out there. Not that an obscure blog is the same as standing up in front of a couple hundred of people and reading my work, but it's better than shoving it all into a drawer. Right?

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