Mildly Embarrassing Monday: Eyebrows

"How do you get your eyebrows like that?" Lovebug asked the older woman in the grocery store line. She had been kind and friendly to the kids while they waited for me to check out, asking them lots of questions and just behaving in a grandma-ish sort of way. Which is why Lovebug probably felt totally comfortable about asking her a question.

About her eyebrows. Which, when I looked at them in the aftermath of Lovebug's question, kind of did beg a question. They were drawn on, which is not uncommon in older women. But I'm pretty sure Lovebug was not questioning whether they were drawn on, I think he was questioning why one was much higher than the other and/or why they were both so, so, so long.

Er, just note the eyebrow proportion and ignore the rest, okay? 

The woman seemed not to understand him, but instead of taking the easy out Lovebug repeated his question, in the nice loud, clear, voice that would have made his old speech therapist so proud. I realized that I would have to intervene, so I said something like, "Everyone has different kinds of eyebrows."

"But did you make one go up on purpose?" persisted Lovebug.

Fortunately it I was done checking out at this point and was able to shepherd the children out the door as they waved politely to eyebrow lady. As we walked home, I tried to explain that it was impolite to comment on people's looks, that what really mattered was that she was a nice lady.

"I just wondered if I could do that with my eyebrows," explained my son.

"Not until you're much older, kiddo," I replied.

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