Weekend Recap Wednesday: Performa-mania!

Last Friday, Ironflower and Lovebug had their school music concert. It was slightly more exciting than usual because Ironflower, in addition to singing with her grade level, performed with the hand chime choir as well. The whole thing was pretty adorable, except for the look on Ironflower's face. She had the same expression on her face as she does when we try to make her eat vegetables. I guess she's not exaggerating when she says she doesn't like singing.

She looked a little happier at her dance recital dress rehearsal, at least. When she wasn't worried about the steps, anyway. She was certainly more excited about going to it and hanging out with her dance friends.

I barely have any pictures from the concert, let alone ones with just my kid. So you'll have to imagine this face completely miserable to get the full idea.

Lovebug, however, had a little more fun at the concert. Thank goodness. 

He was more like this. But like I said, I do not have any good pictures from the actual concert.

It wasn't until after she watched the video that I'd recorded of her dress rehearsal that she really decided to smile during her performance. She was amazing. 

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