Friday I'm In Love: Full of the Awesome

Video of awesomeness:

Photo of awesomeness:

Okay, I know it's not a great photo, but it's my kiddos eating at the ice cream place I went to growing up, with two of them having my fave flavor, Vanilla Fudge. 

Post of Awesomeness: So You're Having (Another) Baby

Fact of Awesomeness: My kids have really enjoyed being on the swim team this summer. I have been proud of their hard work and the way they rooted for their teammates. But for the love of all that is holy, I am so relieved that tomorrow is the last meet. 

Books of Awesomeness: Part historical fiction, part mystery, all awesome. The next one can't come out fast enough! 


Magazine of Awesomeness: Smithsonian magazine. I have no idea why I have never read this one before, but I'm so glad to have discovered it now. The last issue helped me understand theoretical physics and bomb sniffing dogs. So much better for the brain than understanding which celebrities are going to get divorced next. Er, to be honest, though, I still read those magazines too. I need a lot of distraction at the gym.

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