Friday I'm in Love: Shameless

Shame, as we all know, is a negative emotion. And negativity is bad, right? So I'm going to stop feeling ashamed of my deep love for the following. . .

Degrassi; The Next Generation. Sure, I was old enough to watch the original (which I did regularly) but that doesn't mean it's shameful to love the one aimed at today's teenagers, right? And yesterday's. The show's been around for 13 years now. I haven't kept up the past couple of seasons, but that'll just make it more exciting when I force my kids to watch it with me in a few years. Besides, if Vulture talks about it, it can't be that uncool.

Lamebook. Where everyone is just making fun of stuff that idiot-type people put on Facebook. It's probably bad to be so entertained by something so mean, but I can't help it.

Planet Hiltron. I originally discovered Danny Evans from the compilation of his celebrity makeunder photos on Loffee. You might say I'm obsessed with them.

Thredup. Basically, you can go here and buy barely used (trust me, they are STRICT) clothes for kids and women. Some of the stuff still has tags, even.  You can also mail in barely used clothes and shoes and get paid (or buy stuff in bigger sizes, which is what I do). Lovebug put it this way, "I used to not really like it when you bought me shirts before, but now you get me cool ones." If you use my link, you get $10 off your first order!

XOJane. If you ever read Jane magazine, then you can sort of imagine the web site. Some of the articles are really interesting and even well thought out, but their titles can be such link bait.

Saltines. I have actually dreamt about saltines with butter on them, which is what I used to eat whenever I was sick as a kid. Or sometimes when I wasn't sick. Okay, and I occasionally ate them for dinner when I had my first apartment in college. Oh my god, I want one right now.

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