Wandering Wednesday: The Wildlife Center

The other day, Hugmonkey and I had some free time. It was a beautiful day, but we were already planning on going to the playground that afternoon, so I tried to think of something else. I decided to try the local wildlife center, which I hadn't been to in years. I had taken Lovebug and Ironflower when they were small, but at that time, the main walking area was also the paved parking/driving area and that wasn't exactly convenient with two toddlers. But I figured Hugmonkey might at least enjoy the indoor exhibits - plus managing one almost-five year old would be considerably easier.

But after hitting the indoor exhibits (which aren't all that impressive if your kid is a Bronx Zoo veteran like Hugmonkey), we discovered that they've added a lot of walking trails. 

First there was a boardwalk leading to an observation deck. 

That's the center across the pond. Hugmonkey loved the observation deck and wants to have a picnic there next time. 

Then we discovered hiking trails. 

With cool Hugmonkey-sized bridges. 

It was so peaceful. We didn't hike the whole trail (we didn't have enough free time, as usual) but we will be bringing the whole family back soon. 

Hugmonkey really wanted his picture taken while standing on this rock, so of course I obliged. The trail was really easy and great for little kids. 

The center also has some peacock residents. They absolutely refused to fan their feathers for photos, though. 

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Tracie Nall said...

I love all the walking trails.

Silly peacocks, didn't they know they were about to become blog-famous?