Wandering Wednesday: Secor Farms

We first went to Secor Farms when the older kids were in preschool; there was a class hayride there for one of the kids. I was super-pregnant, so I dragged Hot Guy along to go on the actual hayride. There is nothing fun about bouncing when you're eight and a half months pregnant.

The next year, though, Hugmonkey and I went on the hayride too.

He's a little more into hayrides now. 

We haven't been back for a while, so that's what we did on Sunday after soccer. Secor has a nice big field for picking pumpkins during the hayrides, plus animals and cider donuts. But when we got there, it seemed like everyone else in Bergen County was there as well, so we decided to skip the hayride portion. They'd already done one with their grammy this year anyway. 

After visiting a few animals and hitting the hay maze, they paused to pose. 

The millet maze was a much bigger hit. They went through 3 times. 

Did I mention that it was a perfect fall day? So sunny and crisp. 

I thought I had a better picture of the corn feed play box, but obviously I don't. 

I am reasonably sure they put crack in their cider donuts. 

We have 8 pumpkins, so we didn't buy any more. But I love how they decorate the whole place. 

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Leslie said...

Your family is adorable. I love that you're posting more pictures of them.

We haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet. We were supposed to go last Saturday, but it was cold and rainy and everyone was feeling sick. We've planned the outing for the very last day our favorite place is open this season. I'm so afraid it'll be raining or something and we'll miss the pumpkin patch this year! There is a small roadside pumpkin stop that's not quite the all-out experience our regular place is and we could probably do that and consider ourselves pumpkin-patched, but I really want to make it to our favorite place.