I Hate Valentine's Day

I did not hate Valentine's Day until they started selling carnations at school. Prior to homeroom humiliation, I can't recall any feelings about Valentine's Day, actually. Except that the Whitman's Samplers never lived up to my imagination.

Which should have been a clue about how Valentine's Day was going to work out for me.

I can't remember when exactly the carnation thing started - 7th grade? 10th grade? I've blocked it out. What do remember is that I never, ever, ever, ever, got a red (love) carnation. One year I did get a pink (secret admirer) carnation.

From a friend.

Sort of like when Mrs. Patmore gave  Daisy that Valentine on Downton Abbey and Daisy thought it was from her crush Alfred. I was so excited until I found out who it was from. I know that I should have been pleased that I got white (friendship) carnations at least, but no one talks about friendship on Valentine's Day.

In college I finally got the red flowers, but there were many complaints about how expensive they were. Then there was the attempted weekend getaway, except I got a massive stomach virus and we wound up staying at my parents' house instead. Probably the best one was the time my then-boyfriend was away and I hung out with a friend and watched movies.

Which should have been a clue about how I should celebrate Valentine's Day. Or not celebrate it. But I kept trying.

  • There was the year my ex wore my favorite underwear, without my permission, to "spice things up". Underwear was totally ruined, like my libido. FAIL.
  • There was the year I hung out with my parents. My parents are great and all, but quality family time is for Christmas, not Valentine's Day. FAIL.
  • There was the year I went to a singles dance. Even though I was with friends, there's no way that can be anything but a FAIL. 
  • There was the year another ex took me out despite the fact that he was coming down with pneumonia. Pneumonia is definitely the worst gift I ever got. FAIL.
  • There was the year I got food poisoning. FAIL.
  • There was the year I sat through the most boring date ever, just so I wouldn't be alone on Valentine's Day. FAIL. 
And then I met Hot Guy. And on our first Valentine's Day, he had a 12 hour rehearsal, so we didn't really celebrate it. I think we went out to dinner a couple of nights before, but we did a lot of that anyway. He had roses sent to my job, but that was more about competition with my co-workers than romance. But it was the greatest Valentine's Day I could remember; relaxing, no disappointments or illnesses. I think I ate popcorn for dinner while I watched movies. 

I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day since. 

It's awesome.

I only wish I had figured it out sooner. 

For those of you concerned about my children, I do buy them Valentines for school and give them candy, I am not that much of a hater. But we'll be talking about the ridiculous expectations of this made-up holiday as soon as they hit puberty. 


Anonymous said...

Every year I tell myself I don't want to do anything for Valentine's Day. Every year I rationalize how that money can be better spent on bills or other things we want/need. Every year I try not to make a big deal out of it.
But alas, I am a hopeless romantic.
Every year I secretly get my hopes up for some surprise grand gesture. Most often, I'm disappointed. Because I've already said how we should use that money for something else...
Last year, my fiance proposed in a quiet, sentimental, NOT GRAND GESTURE kind of way. It is one of my greatest memories.
And so the hopeless romantic lives on.

Tracie Nall said...

Valentines Day is a great day for candy...and you know I never skip candy...but other than a box of Godiva, we don't celebrate. I'm okay with that. I think those stupid middle school carnations scarred me.

Triplezmom said...

@becominNeurotic - But that's sweet. It's so hard to do the whole romantic gesture thing when you're worried about money, that's for sure.

@Tracie - Those were the WORST. A box of Godiva I could handle. :)

Emily Stephens said...

Valentine's Day is ridiculous. It makes singles feel crappy and those who are partnered up obligated.

Though I am looking forward to the 50% off candy sale on 2/15!