I Have A Little Crush. I Also Need Advice.

Ever since I quit writing for the content mill  "media company" and started trying to make money from this blog (by the way, have you clicked on an ad lately?), I've had what some people call an editorial calendar.

I call it a notebook, because I think we've established that I don't do things like plan ahead or give out homemaking tips. Anyway, though, I do scribble down ideas for posts (yeah, even the Real Housewives one). But I have no idea what I was supposed to write about yesterday (I think you should be impressed that I actually do my writing an entire day ahead) because I scribbled all over today's page.

I may have been having a temper tantrum.

You see, I got an email about updating my credit card so that my domains could be renewed. I got this domain and another (which I'm finally doing something with, I'll start bugging you to look at it soon) a few years ago through Blogger and Google apps. And apparently I neglected to record anywhere that there's a special admin email and password for each domain. So I had no way to get into the admin panel to update my damn credit card.

Naturally I envisioned having to move all my shit to blogspot while some asshole started using my domain. I believe the psychological term for it is "catastrophizing", though in my family we call it being related to my grandma.

I think's because I've never needed to contact Google Enterprise Support before. I had no idea that they'd follow up within the day, both on email and on the phone. But they totally did. Well, really it was one guy. His name is Orhun. I may have a little crush on him. I mean, I've had much less support from the cable company, and I pay them a hell of a lot more. I think it's time for Chromecast and whatever else Orhun will sell me.

I have a crush.

Anyway, I think my post today was going to be about launching a new blog and what advice you guys would give me. I've had this one for so long - I mean, no one was on Facebook or Twitter when I started this thing - that I can't even remember how to start a blog. Do you all have any suggestions?

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