Things I Learned While I Wasn't Blogging

So I've had time to reflect during my hiatus. (That's what I'm gonna call it now. Like my blog is The Walking Dead or something.) Especially the last few days, while I was cleaning up kid vomit and letting my kids stare mindlessly at the screen because that's what I want to do when I feel crappy.

Their temperatures are lower today, so obviously the couch potato thing works. On viruses. Which my 3 years of Latin make me want to call "viri", but I don't because I realize that not everyone was a nerd in 7th grade.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, things I learned while I wasn't blogging.

  1. I hated my header. So I made a new one. What do you think?
  2. I hated my blog's entire look. 
  3. I hated what I had written on my about page. Actually, all the pages.
  4. I love not worrying about my pageviews.
  5. I love writing.
  6. I love having a clean and organized house (for the 15 minutes that it lasts). 
  7. Being a super-popular blogger can make you crazy. Not that this is a concern for me.
  8. I really meant it when I posted about stomping on the boxes
  9. I don't think people who just post a different coupon every day should call themselves "bloggers". 
  10. I love HersheyPark. 
  11. I love Deep Creek Lake.
  12. White wine no longer gives me a sinus headache. 
  13. But 5 glasses of it and two gin and tonics still give me a hangover.
  14. Canva and Prezi are really cool. 
  15. I need to write more for other web sites. 
  16. I need to be better about editing and revising. 
  17. It's actually easier for me to work out early in the morning than it is for me to write coherently. 
  18. My suspicion that sitting still during the day without a computer in front of me would lead to unplanned naps has been confirmed. 
  19. It's really fun to just go do stuff with your family without mentally planning blog posts during the experience.
  20. I missed reading my favorite blogs, though. 

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