Going To England

Writing this post makes me sympathetic to that guy who didn't call me after we went on a couple of fabulous dates, then was hurt I wasn't friendly when I ran into him.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry I haven't called  written in way too long.

I was busy. And confused about what direction I wanted to take the blog. But I never stopped thinking about you blogging. I have a dozen unfinished posts in my drafts poster as proof. I even have a handwritten draft that I wrote for Hot Guy's 40th birthday. In April.

Thinking that with some minor tweaking I can have it ready for our anniversary next week. 

Because even though not-blogging made my life a little less hectic and made me a little less stressed out, I've been unhappy without it.

Note to people who don't know who this is: This is Lloyd Dobler from 
the movie "Say Anything". Which is a classic you should
see right away. In this scene, he is trying to get his girl back.

In all the times I imagined living out the boom box scene of "Say Anything", I never thought I would be Lloyd. And yet, here I am, trying to regain the attention of my blogging muse and my readers. Though I also sort of feel like Diane, trapped crying in my bedroom while blogging stands out in my yard and let's me know it hasn't gone anywhere.

I think not-blogging has not been good for my mental health, because I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to identify whether I feel more like Lloyd or Diane. Obviously it doesn't matter, because they both wind up (spoiler alert) going to England together in the end.

Which means I too need to go to England, if going to England means blogging again. Which it does.

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