I Cannot

I keep trying to write about other things, but I cannot. It's not so much what Trump and his buddies in Congress are trying to do to this country; I expected that. It's the people defending the same things they (and Trump) relentlessly criticized Obama and Clinton for doing. 

I fucking hate hypocrisy. 

During the election, a multitude of Trump fans told me that they were mad that Clinton had accepted money from Saudi Arabia (for her foundation), facilitated a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia and sold uranium to Russia.

Trump actually gets paid directly by Saudi Arabia, in addition to registering 8 companies in that nation during the campaign.

Trump has just negotiated the largest arms deal with Saudi Arabia EVER. Now, we've been selling weapons to Saudi Arabia since the 80's, because. . .reasons.  I totally get why one might be against this, but you know, you should be against this NO MATTER WHO WHO IS BROKERING THE DEAL.

Trump gave Russia classified information and has had various aides and associates who have been paid by Russia because we're such great friends with Russia. Except, you know, when the Obama administration sells them things.

During the election, I heard Trump and his fans criticize Obama and Clinton for not saying, "radical Islamic terrorism", as if calling it that would someone protect the US from terrorists. But it's okay for Trump to refrain from using it.  And while I think it was wise of Trump not to use it, I also think it was wise for Obama  to avoid it as well. See how that works? It's called consistency.

And how do you justify praising Melania and Ivanka for not covering their hair in Saudi Arabia but criticize Michelle Obama for the same thing? What's the difference? Do explain in the comments.

While I do post political articles on Facebook pretty regularly, I try to avoid arguing with people over what they post. But it eats at me, especially if what they post is hypocritical or filled with lies.

I see people complaining that methadone is free (which isn't always true), so why isn't chemo free? Gee, I don't know, maybe it's because we have a for profit healthcare system in this country? Which is part of the reason we need so many goddamn methadone clinics in the first place.

I see people whine about liberal snowflakes while they applaud a man who honestly thinks he's more persecuted than JFK Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

I see people whose children require special education services at school - that my taxes pay for, even though my kids don't require those services - bitch and bitch and bitch about having to pay for poor people's health care. Why is your dyslexic kid's right to read more important than a poor kid's right to live? Is it because you "pay taxes" ? Are you really so ignorant that you think poor people don't pay any taxes? 

Trump defenders,  I want you to seriously consider what you would do if Barack Obama had fired James Comey while he was investigating Clinton. I want you to consider how you would feel if  they were investigating the Clinton or Sanders or (2020) Booker campaigns for colluding with Russia. Would you just see the media as out to get someone? Or would you think the Washington Post and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal might be onto something?

I've had many dear friends over the years with whom I've disagreed politically. I can agree to disagree on many issues, or happily debate without getting offended. But I will not, I cannot, handle someone who screamed about Obama's golf games now defending Trump's many more golf games. "Well, Trump takes calls during games, you know." As if Obama didn't. "Well, Trump's got to check on his businesses, you know." No, he's not supposed to be involved with his businesses at all and he's basically violating the emoluments clause regularly. I cannot get along with someone whose casual racism/misogyny/xenophobia/personality/Fox News addiction/ allows them to believe that whatever Trump does is okay, even if they spent the last 8 years complaining about Obama doing the same things.

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