Friday I'm In Love: This Post Wasn't Sponsored

This post has affiliate links. Because I'm posting about something I actually like!  You are free to ignore them. Keep in mind, though,  that Jeff Bezos will not miss the nickels I will earn if you buy through me, but I'll be forever grateful. 

For Christmas, my Dad (thanks, Dad!) got our family an Echo Dot . The kids were very excited to be able to ask Alexa things, because they love harassing her at my parents' house. (I have a very bad habit of anthropomorphizing Alexa. I've been known to thank her.) It was nice to just ask for the weather and top news headlines, instead of getting sucking into the morass that is my phone and all of its various notifications and distractions.

 Quickly we all embraced her ability to keep track of our every growing grocery list, especially since we could just yell things to her while we were in the middle of cooking.

But it was Hot Guy demanding that she play "Rhinestone Cowboy"  to torture the kids that made me fall in love with the Echo Dot . Alexa explained that if we had Amazon Music she could play us the whole song, but since we didn't, she'd play us an excerpt. Immediately I investigated Amazon Music.

Now, probably all of you reading this have many cool music apps and/or already know about Amazon Music but we. . . .did not. We still have CDs. We just got rid of our stereo last year. Sometimes we try Pandora, but for years most of my music enjoyment has been in the car. When I was in a car with Sirius Satellite Radio.

Anyway. I knew nothing about Amazon Music, despite having been a Prime Member since 2004. I quickly discovered that because I'm a Prime Member, I can pay $3.99 per month for a vast, ad-free, music library that I can play on the Echo Dot and from my phone in the car and from my iPad and. . .

I was able to impress seventh grade girls by telling Alexa to play Imagine Dragons.

I was able to make playlists so easily and with so many different artists that I finally stopped missing mixed tapes.

I was able to listen to it from my phone during my commute to work in the car that doesn't have satellite radio.

I don't think I realized how much I missed listening to music until I was able to do it again. I apologize for writing a post that seems like it's sponsored.

It's totally not. I just really like my Echo Dot and Amazon Music. And I thought I'd try to see if I could still write about something I actually like. During one of the other times I regularly blogged, I did a series called "Friday I'm in Love" to focus on the happy (and to pay tribute to one of my favorite Cure songs, obviously). I'm considering doing it again.

I just doubt I'm going to find something I love as much as my Echo Dot every single week.

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