Trophy Tuesday: Seriously

The Republican National Committee has my home address. I'm not sure how this happened, because I can list on one hand the times I've voted for a Republican. And one of those was William Weld - is he even a Republican anymore?

But here we are, with the RNC sending me mailers touting "Republican Census!"

I'm less concerned with how this happened than what I've learned from it.

Though I'm pretty sure it's a prank by someone on my Facebook who doesn't like my anti-Trump rants. 

Or it could be that time I filled out one of those RNC online polls about Trump, but I don't recall putting my correct address in there. 

The RNC has sent me no less than 4 questionnaires about what Trump's agenda should be and how they should best support it. They are very, very, very curious about what I think Trump should focus on.

I guess they already know what they're focusing on -  their big donors' wishes. 

It's like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, except it's a President's agenda.

The Democrats have never sent me mailers like this.

There are a lot of bold-faced words, exclamation points and mentions of deadlines. It even says "Process Immediately!" in the return envelope corner. It looks EXACTLY like the marketing materials for Publisher's Clearing House.

Not that I ever fell for that stuff  or anything. 

But unlike Publisher's Clearing House, the postage is not prepaid. That's right - those undermining the post office are making you support it instead. I literally cannot recall ever being asked to fill something out by mail and not having a prepaid envelope to return it in. This includes small mid-western wedding invitations, charity solicitations and a poll from a local bakery.

Until I started getting stuff from the RNC.

It's hard to use the word "tacky" in the year 2018, what with the Kardashian empire and all but. . .

The RNC is tacky as hell. 

You'd think a Romney (the chair is Mitt's niece) would know better, wouldn't you? 

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