Happy Birthday, Lovebug

Today you are 12.


I mean, it's pretty obvious from your sense of humor. And the fact that you're (slightly) taller than I am.

But still.

You recently defined your style as "classy nerd" and I think the fact that we've gotten to the point where you have not only thought about this, but created a name for it, indicates just how much you've matured since the last time I wrote you a birthday blog.

One of the many things that impresses me about you is how well you know yourself. You're more sure of your identity at 12 than many young adults are in college. Yet you're not rigid. You roll with the punches surprisingly well for a kid who used to bang his head on the floor when there were too many transitions in your 2 year old day.

You amazed people by running lights live during the fall play, so much so that they're letting you work on the sound board during the spring musical, which is supposed to be for 7th and 8th graders only. You impressed your band teacher so much that she nominated you for elementary honor band. Your grades are spectacular - your hard work is really paying off.

You're a great kid, Lovebug.

Not because of the accolades or how responsible you are or how helpful you are, but because of how good-hearted you are. You are relentlessly honest.  You take such good care of your little brother, even when you don't need to. And the way you get emotionally invested when you hear about injustice, or upset when something bad happens to someone else, shows how much compassion you have.

Unless you're making fun of a bad TV show. Then you're just brutally funny.

I am so honored to be your mom.

I love you.

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