Take Them All Down

No, #MAGADude347*, I really don't care if prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein means that Bill Clinton could go down. I don't fucking care if prosecuting Epstein brings my beloved Jon Stewart down.

I want Epstein and everyone who "partied" with him to go to jail.


I really don't care whether they agree with me politically or not. I don't want child molesters going free. Why do you?

That question was rhetorical, #MAGADude347. That means I don't expect you to sputter out an answer that blames the teenage girls for getting raped by creepy old men or whatever twisted logic that allows you to condemn Bill Clinton for hanging out with Epstein but to excuse Trump doing the same thing.

I expect it's the same kind of logic that allows you to cheer when male athletes exalt in their greatness but causes you to say nasty things when female athletes do.

It's the kind of logic that proves you're a raving misogynist, not that anyone needed more proof. 

And honestly? Anyone who continues to excuse this kind of behavior from the guys on "their"side, whatever side that is, is just as much of a misogynist as you are, #MAGADude347. Really.

*#MAGADude347 is my new name for a particular kind of Trump supporter,  the type who respond to every comment on Trump's gross behaviors (like hanging out with Epstein, forcing kisses, walking in on naked teenage beauty contestants,, etc.) with claims that some Democrat did it too. Usually that Democrat is Bill Clinton, who hasn't held office in nearly 20 years. Sometimes it's Al Franken, who also doesn't hold office anymore. Once it was JFK, which, I mean. . .talk about a stretch. 

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