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Um, hey there.

This has been the biggest blog break I've ever taken.

Break is quite possibly a misnomer; I can't say for sure that I'm coming back. I mean, I'm definitely not coming back in that regular confessional sort of way that I maintained for years. And I'm definitely, definitely, not coming back in that fancy niche way all the bloggers are doing now.

That said, I miss blogging.

When I don't blog, I don't write much of anything. I thought I would write more without the blog, but I don't. I've written very little in the last couple of years - unless you count Twitter rants and educational curricula. And while I enjoy writing both of those things, a lot of my Twitter rants would probably be more effective as blog posts.

Not that very many people would read them; I just don't care enough about SEO and pinnable images and my brand and the 337 ways to market your blog post to get a lot of readers. And honestly I don't even know if there's a place for homely little blogs like mine anymore. It feels like everyone is an aspiring Pioneer Woman these days - except for those that are busy telling others how to be successful bloggers.

I suck at both of those things.

But back when I first started blogging (in 2007!) I hardly had any readers either. If I got one comment, I was so damn excited. And I loved having an outlet of my own so much. Why can't I just keep blogging like it's 2007?

Just because everyone else has evolved into brands with thousands of social media followers doesn't mean I have to.

Ironflower and Lovebug used to have a preschool teacher whose style had not evolved since the 80's - she had the teased bangs and blue eyeshadow to prove it. But you could tell that she felt really good in her acid washed denim and pink lipgloss, she didn't give a shit that her style hadn't changed since she'd been voted Prom Queen while Duran Duran was playing.

I was never blogging (or prom) queen, but that doesn't mean that I too can't rock my (metaphorical) acid washed jeans. When I feel like it. With no established niche.

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