Ultimate Bloggy Coolness

So, I didn't post here yesterday. I've decided, for my own personal happiness, that as long as I post in at least one of my blogs each day I'm still keeping to the spirit of NaBloPoMo. So there. I have NOT flaked out.

Anyhow, the reason that I didn't post yesterday is that I've been feeling sort of unmotivated. And I was reading Alison Weir's new novel (she normally writes really fascinating historical non-fiction but she now has a fictional account of Lady Jane Grey). I highly recommend Alison Weir to any history dorks out there.

And then, this morning I was even more grouchy. I stayed up too late finishing the Weir novel so I am both tired and sad that I've finished the novel. I check my email and find a note from the fabulous Leslie at MyMommy'sPlace; she has something for me on her blog. If the blogosphere were a neighborhood, I SO would have skipped over there.

Anyway, not only did she say wonderful things about me in thanks for me giving her an award, she also gave ME one. It's this one, which I have to admit is one that I never expected to get.

Though I guess I am nice to other bloggers. But that's 'cause I actually like other bloggers. Possibly because I can imagine them all having stains on their shirts too, instead of being all perfect and aloof like people seem around here. Or maybe it's because people who choose to blog tend to be my kind of people. Anyway, Leslie is definitely my kind of people and I really wish I could go to playgroup with her.


Anyway, I guess it is now my duty to pass this award on. Since I can't just turn around and give it back to Leslie (though tempting, that smacks of laziness and clique-i-ness, and I hate that), I would like to present it to Silken. I think she really is one of the nicest people on the web, plus she has a lot of interesting blogs. I always learn something new when I read her blogs. She is also really sweet and kind, so that totally makes her deserving of this award.


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you! Love this blog. Maybe next time I'll be in something fancier than my fancy sweatsuit ;)

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I read Weir, too. Although I could never get through Mary Stuart...I like to think she didn't bump off her spouse. Jane Grey?? Didn't know she'd written on her. Poor thing. She was sucha pawn. Did you ever see the movie?

Jerseygirl89 said...

Madamspud - Thank you. I just started Weir's non-fiction about Henry's wives. It's like an addiction now!

Anon (aka book club buddy) - Next time you can wear your most comfortable sweats! Thanks for being my first real life fan.

Leslie - But I LIKE you. And the sweater strategy would be great if any of them actually fit me anymore.

Anglophile - I think the Jane book is kinda new. I haven't finished the Isabella book, I don't know why it hasn't grabbed me like the others. I didn't know there was a jane movie!

Silken - You are so welcome, you totally deserve it.

Marci B. said...

Congrats on your award! Your blog (even in your most unmotivated moments) is always a joy to read. Hope you have a great thanksgiving. :)

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