Virtual Slap Monday: Some Advice

My parents had a garage sale over the weekend. I helped (mostly by trying to unload some of our crap and making signs) and while I was helping, I had a few thoughts. Suggestions, if you will.

How To Be A Good Garage Sale Patron:

  1. If all the signs say "yard" and "garage", you don't need to ask if there's more stuff for sale in the house. 
  2. Go to the bathroom before you show up, not once you're standing in the yard. 
  3. Loving the house from afar doesn't mean you deserve a tour of it during the garage sale. 
  4. In fact, please don't ask to come into the house for any reason. 
  5. Show up, at most, 15 minutes before the sale officially starts. Not 2 hours beforehand. 
  6. If you drive up in a Mercedes and carry a Coach purse, don't balk at paying 50 cents for a book. 
  7. The more rude you are, the more likely garage sellers are to donate the item you're interested in. 
  8. Don't purposefully put things back in the wrong place after your super low ball offer didn't work.
  9. You don't have to chat, but you can say, "hello."
  10. Not only do you not have to chat, you should definitely not chat about your colostomy bag. 
  11. Bring cash. 
  12. Do not switch the tags around on items. Not only is it shitty and dishonest, it makes you look like an idiot. Who do you think did the pricing? Do you really think the sellers can't remember what they priced at $1 versus what they priced at $20? 
  13. Tell your friends, especially if they collect something being sold. 
  14. Bring a bag. It's easy to run out when you're not part of a corporate entity. 


Sarah said...

lol - love the switching tags. Who do you think did the pricing? hahah That's right, we didn't hire a third party inventory company to handle the pricing, a-holes. great list!

triplezmom said...

@Sarah - I was astounded. But then my husband reported people doing that at the actual store he used to manage. Crazy.