Fuck You, Mark Dice

If you don't spend too much time dealing with Trump trolls on Twitter, you probably don't know who Mark Dice is. For that, you should considerate yourself fortunate. . .and wise.

I am not wise, so occasionally I see Mark's tweets. For all the disdain he and his ilk have for Hollywood, I'm pretty sure he tweeted about the Golden Globes almost as much as I did last night. The one that got me was the one attacking Meryl Streep for "knowing" about Harvey Weinstein.

Mark has had a lot of fun attacking the actresses in Hollywood who didn't speak out against Weinstein, Toback, etc. He doesn't attack the predators, unless you count his broad brush attacks of Hollywood as a whole. But mostly, Mark and misogynists like him (on both the far right and the far left) attack the women who knew, or the women they think should have known.

To which I say,

Of course, they have no idea what these women actually knew or what people did behind the scenes to try to stop the predatory behavior. They also conveniently ignore that this behavior isn't unique to Hollywood or Fox News or D.C. or whichever scapegoat location they've chosen to attack that week. Mark and his misogynists also love to overlook all the men who employed the predators over and over again.

In Mark's world, Meryl Streep is responsible for not outing Harvey Weinstein as a predator (despite the fact that he never preyed on her) but every woman who said anything about Bill O'Reilly or Trump is a liar. In Mark's world, there was never a time when an accomplished woman like Anita Hill was dragged through the mud for complaining about sexual harassment from a guy who still sits on the Supreme Court. In Mark's world, women have gotten rich when they accused powerful men, not degraded, humiliated and erased. In Mark's world, accusing the average CNN viewer of being stereotypically unattractive woman is the greatest insult there is.

Mark Dice is every person who told you to laugh off the dirty joke from your boss. Mark Dice is every person who told you to get over the guy groping you at the club. Mark Dice is every person who told you to be polite instead of making someone else uncomfortable. Mark Dice is every person who said you were too sensitive. Mark Dice is every person who judges women on looks first, second and third - even when it's not a beauty pageant. Mark Dice is every person who says school dress codes are important for girls because men can't help themselves.  Mark Dice is every person who told you that you shouldn't have been drinking, or walking alone, or wearing a skirt, or flirting, or being unfriendly, or sexually experienced, or a lesbian, when something bad happened.

And yet now, Mark Dice, serial asshole, doesn't understand why Meryl Streep didn't attack the most powerful man in Hollywood over rumors she may have heard about him harassing and assaulting women.

It would be funny, if he didn't have an army of misogynists who agreed with him.

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