I'm Not the Funniest Cousin

I'm having bloggers' block, my friends.

I can't tell whether it's because I've started thinking in t-shirt slogans, whether it's my depression trying to pull me into a pit of despair or whether I'm just too enraged by the news lately to find stuff to write about. 

I mean, I suppose I could bitch about politics in every post but I'm not sure that level of constant rage would be good for me. I'm not Lewis Black. 

I mean, I couldn't pull myself together enough to write a "Friday I'm in Love" post last week. 


Even though I'm still feeling like a disaster and it's Monday, not Friday. . .I do have something good to share.

I suppose I could have waited until Friday and done another Cure tribute/Friday I'm in Love post. But then I would have had to title it "Friday I'm in Love With. . .My Cousin" and um, let's just say that my blog doesn't need that kind of traffic. 

My cousin is an amazing human being. He's overcome more than I can imagine and he's one of the best people I know. He's also funny as shit. 


This is long but it's worth watching the whole thing. But not at work or around children. 

This was his first paid stand-up gig and it was for a good cause and I'm just so damn proud of him.

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